Antonio Rieser said: 
> I'm running FreeBSD 7.1 on an ACER Aspire
> 1680 laptop.  Something is writing so many
> errors to my Xorg.0.log and kdm-bin.log files
> that it fills up the /var filesystem and locks my system.
> (I just had my first encounter with the fixit disk - scary
> but successful...)
> I've enclosed the output of
> dmesg (starting at my most recent boot, without
> my Wacom tablet or any USB devices), followed by
> an excerpt of the Xorg.0.log.old file.
> The errors at the end of the latter are repeated
> until the end of the file.
> The errors always begin after some lines about the
> Wacom tablet.  Is that a coincidence or a probable cause?

If Xorg can't find a tablet device (Wacom), it will show errors about
it, which you can avoid by commenting out wacom devices in xorg.conf.

Have these problems recently surfaced after upgrading Xorg to 7.4?

If so, did you read /usr/ports/UPDATING?

Glen Barber
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