Hello folks,


I wanted to alert you to a possible update you could make on the site:  make
the torrent widely and obviously available.  I have a Linksys by Cisco
"business class" router that, for some reason or another, refuses to use
FTP.  So, cellular modem to the rescue, right?  Well, at 60k/sec, the DVD
image was looking like it'd take 6 hours to download.  Thankfully, I just
happened to search for FreeBSD torrents and found the 7.1 torrent linked
from your site.  


This torrent should be directly linked from your "Getting FreeBSD" page, as
a column to the right of "ISO", perhaps "ISO Torrent".  I'm transferring at
1.1MB/sec, and needless to say, it'll be here in just a bit less than 6


Thanks for reading, thanks for the (hopefully) killer OS.  I'm hoping that
FreeBSD will be the foundation upon which we'll have a world-class web site




Daniel Mooney


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