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ilmu serta kenalan. Anda juga boleh berikan 
cadangan anda.
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Parents have always been their children's First Teachers.

When children reach the age of 7 in most country we are told we need to send 
them off to Public School for approximately 8 hours a day. Why?

Parents have taught their children from the day they were born. We teach them 
to walk, talk, tie their shoes, and so very much more.

There is no set age at which a child can begin learning reading, math, history, 
science, art.

Every child learns in their own way.

Some children may do just fine learning out of a text book, sitting at a desk 
for 8 hours. There are certainly many more options that help children learn 
that would not be considered a normal education.

Parents have been teaching their children at home since the beginning of time.

Home schooling our children at home is a personal decision for everyone. No one 
can make the choice for you.

What works for one family may not work for another. Children will not all want 
to study bugs at the same time.

They won't all want to know why condensation forms on the windows in the 
winter, at the same time that little kiddy down the street wants to know the 
same thing.

Parents understand their child better then anyone else does.

We understand what makes our child go; hmmm how would this work if I put it on 
like this instead of the way the directions say.

We have always been our children's teachers. Being as a parent and a teacher 
has always been the way the world works.

In todays world it is no different.

We choose now to keep our children learning, learning at home with us.

As our children's teachers we are always on the lookout for things that we can 
use to help in their learning.

That is where our forum Malaysia Homeschool Unite come in.

We offer links to free worksheets on other sites (and more in the near 
future!). As well as have some that were made for the MHU forums use.

We are there when you have questions, and when you want to hit your head on the 

We offer not just the links but an ear, and a shoulder when they are needed. 
*Insya-Allah, Amin~*

Yours sincerely,
Mohd Azhar Zahir
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