In the last episode (Jan 31), Wayne said:
> Hello,
> I have a db file of FreeBSD 7.1 amd64 that is displaying the wrong size. This 
> is a db file used by my mail filter software to to Bayes Filtering.
> If I do an ls -l or ls -lh I get
> filter1# ls -l
> total 489024
> -rw-------  1 defang  defang  274992627712 Jan 31 08:33 @@RPTN.db
> filter1# ls -lh
> total 489024
> -rw-------  1 defang  defang   256G Jan 31 08:33 @@RPTN.db
> If I do a du I gecus18-179# du
> 489026  .
> cus18-179# du -h
> 478M    .
> My drive is only 250 Gig and I have it mounted as /var/spool here is my df 
> for the whole file system.
> /dev/ad14s1d    226G    810M    207G     0%    /var/spool
> So I know that the 256G is wrong. Can any one tell me what is up with file 
> size ?

The 256G is correct.  It's a sparse file (i.e. there are holes in it). 
"ls -sk" will print the actual disk space occupied by a file.

        Dan Nelson
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