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> I'm using freebsd 4.7 release with IBM dedicated server (P3-1133, 512 ram,
> 36 gigs hdd etc)
> Everything was normal at this moment.
> When I try to upgrade my apache, with compiling PHP, Php-Accelerator, I
> noticed my Apache is using 150Mb ram from now on!
> Like this (a line from "top" command)
> 38016 nobody            2   0   145M  8308K sbwait   0:04  0.00%  0.00%
> httpd
> it should use 10-12 Mb usually, and increase when child proccess number
> increase.
> But Apache start with 145-150Mb ram usage, this stays exactly like that in
> top command
> But when proccess increase, my swap ram getting filled, and server
> slowdowns
> a lot

Can you show us the output of following commands both before and after starting


I ask because, I too am running apache and see the same large memory consumption
reported by SIZE (in top).  However, it's *not* caused me any problems, and even
with 60 processes all reporting 145MB (145MB x 60 = 8.7GB) I use no swap.  


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