Hello all,

I've been using this list to my advantage for a while to learn things I can't seem to grasp, and I've gotten great amounts of help.

I have a question in regards to the process of patching / Updating / Upgrading I'd like a hand with. I have two machines running FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE and I'd like to make sure I've got security fixes on my test machine. I'm saying test amchine because the box I'm typing this from is an active needed desktop system I'm using for a lot of things right now, and I figured my best bet would be to set up another machine with a similar installation set so I could test out new ideas on that instead of risking breaking something on this one.

Anyway, I've been reading up on the CVS idea and asking things about freebsd-update, and I guess my question is more along these lines:

If I wanted to just make sure I've got bug fixes and security patches, would CVS or FreeBSD-Update be best for this? Or are they both good for this? I know in the Unix world there are generally a lot of things that do one thing very well but can generally do other things too.

I'm reading on CVS right now and it seems I could use this to keep the machine updated, but I'm having some issues understanding the idea of how it works. Basically, if I'm running 7.1-RELEASE, isn't that already the updated version? Or, have I maybe misunderstood something, and the tree RELEASE for 7.1 has bug fixes and security patches added to it, and I could CVSup to the newest release of 7.1 ?

Also, FreeBSD-update came across my reading, and it seems to be similar to swaret in the Slackware world. I know it isn't the same thing as BSD seems much more source based than other OSs, but I would like to get at least one of the ways to keep updated picked out, and started using on the test machine to make sure I fully understand it before using it to update my main box.

One of the things I did was make two copies of the example CVS standard supfile; one I made in that directory as standard.bak and then I copied a copy of it to the /root directory to look at and maybe edit as well, but as I said, I could use a hand in deciding which option is going to work best.

So if anyone could lend a little but in typing out what they use for updates and how they go about it, I'd appreciate it. I've already gotten a full CVSup file sent to me by a member on here which was a great help in deciding how to set up the file. I'm more or less wondering with CVSup if I keep using RELEASE or do I use Stable.

And of course if anyone uses freebsd-update if they have suggestions I'd love to hear those as well :)

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