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> FreeBSD decides to kill ZFS support, you'll be stuck with a unbootable
>> disk.  I'd stick with the more mature, tested methods like gmirror or
>> gvinum.  Nothing beats a hardware raid though.
> IMHO "hardware" RAID beats nothing. it's mostly crap.
> gmirror/gstripe/gconcat works well and always

Yes, each person will have their own unique view.  To dismiss or put down
someone else's view seems unrational

There are times I prefer software raid, there are times I prefer hardware
raid, neither of which will solve 100% of the problems 100% of the time.

My point still stands that **IF** FreeBSD decides to kill ZFS support,
you'll be SOL.

And quote the source PROPERLY next time.  The 2 letter word you DID NOT
quote me on makes a difference in the point I was making.

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