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Thanks very much! I've been thinking about setting up another FreeBSD machine so I can test both CVS and FreeBSD-update without mixing the two together which from what I hear is a bad idea, and I think that would also help me learn both ways of doing it.

Thanks again for the help! I think first I'll test out the freebsd-update way of things since, well, that's the closest to what I'm used to and will have a much smaller learning curve if any at all. Ad then I can set up a machine to do it with cvsup. I was really having some trouble understanding what they meant by RELEASE VS STABLE in the context of fixes and so on. The idea of it wasn't new as Slackware uses a very VERY similar method for talking about versions of their stuff, which I guess is a good thing. And my Slackware books used to have BSDi logos on them so I guess it's nice to see a Linux distro and BSD getting along. Patrick seems to be more appreciative of BSD than other Linux distros as it is. (If you read up on Slackware, he flat out tells you to just look for BSD texts because they are more technical and better written than the PR style Linux stuff you generally find) which leads me to believe that Patrick likes BSD quite a bit.

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