In the last episode (Feb 03), Sandra Kachelmann said:
> I have an NFS fileserver and would like to figure out which files are
> being read/written to. Is there something to find that out? Something
> similar to samba's 'smbstatus' command.

The best you can do currently is run tcpdump/wireshark and watch the remote
file operations as they happen...  NFS doesn't access files by filename, but
by NFS filehandle (basically device+inode number), so a remote client first
looks up the filename to get the filehandle, and all accesses are done via
the filehandle at that point.  Theoretically, one could write a dtrace
script that watches calls to nfs_namei, nfsrv_read, and nfsrv_write, and
then matches read/write ops with the filenames that were looked up

        Dan Nelson
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