2009/2/3 Jerry <ges...@yahoo.com>:
> I have both 'gpg' and 'gpg2' installed. I only want/need the 'gpg2'
> version. I created a link that that forces the use of 'gpg2'
> irregardless of which version is called. The problem is that
> occasionally, when updating the ports, the link is over written and
> 'gpg' is reinstalled.
> I don't believe I need this older version for anything. As far as I can
> tell, any port that needs 'gpg' will work fine with 'gpg2'. Is there
> anything I can put in the /etc/make.conf' file that will force the
> use/install of 'gpg2' only? Something like:
>        WITH_GPG2=yes or WANT_GPG_VER=2
> Or something like that. Is that possible? I cannot find any
> documentation regarding this.
> --
> Jerry
> ges...@yahoo.com
> Savage's Law of Expediency: You want it bad, you'll get it bad.

Try putting the link in somewhere that gets searched before
/usr/local/bin, like /bin or (better) /usr/bin. Then try rehash &&
which gpg

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