On Thursday 27 February 2003 9:02, someone, possibly Ron Andreasen, typed:
> I just looked at the FreeBSD hardware list and saw all
> those contollers there.  Are any of those ISA devices
> or are they all PCI?
> I only have 3 PCI slots and they're all being used by
> stuff I can't give up (video card, sound card, and
> modem).  So if they are all PCI devices will ISA
> contollers still get the job done?  I'd be using it in
> FreeBSD 5.0.

I think most of these devices will be PCI, and some of them, chipsets of 
integrated devices on the motherboard.

The problem with an offboard ISA controller, even though you could 
theoretically add one, is that it would clash with the I/O ranges of the 
on-board controller, and you will still only be able to use two channels.

ISA offboard controllers were phased out years ago, even finding one would 
be an achievement in its own.

Seriously though, I would take out the PCI modem, if it's an analogue 
anyway, those are known to cause trouble and chew up CPU time, an external 
modem would be a much better option, and you'd have a free slot. The same 
goes for ISDN modems actually.


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