Hi everyone,

I have asked this question on the svnforum.org and didn't got a good answer, so I try it here.

I want to use SVN to automate the update process of a custom application. So, I'm planning to indicate to every PC to update periodically to a specific branch of the repository. The problem is that I need to be sure the files where not corrupted during the transfer. So, I'm planning to generate the hash (SHA or MD5, doesn't really matters) of every file downloaded by SVN on the client. For this to work, I need to compare the hashes with their server-side equivalent. I looked at the post-commit hooks and it looks pretty interesting but is anyone doing something similar? How are you creating the file containing the hash of the committed file?

I got 2 answers on the forum from people thinking that SVN takes care of the checksumming by itself, but I would like a little more information than that. What is the algorithm used would be a nice start.

Thank you for sharing your OT knowledge!

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