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> On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 12:10:30AM +1000, Da Rock wrote:
> > Ok, I give up... wtf am I missing here?
> The Xext library has the extension, but the server hasn't yet. It should
> be harmless. I don't notice any problems with it. (7.1-RELEASE amd64
> with Xorg 7.4)
> > I can now confirm this problem in several ways:
> > 1) I just ran xine, mplayer, and file-roller and the error came up
> > causing all programs bar file-roller to crash.
> I've got mplayer playing fine with this message.
> > Logs don't show anything, this error is just on screen (wierd?). Another
> > clarification to this is that it only happens in media players after
> > content is attempted to load.
> What driver are you using in X? And what kind of video output driver are
> you using in mplayer?
> X is working fine here on a Radeon X1650 on 7.1-RELEASE with rnoland's
> last patch to update the kernel direct rendering support (which should
> be in 7-STABLE by now). Accellerated X works, 2D and 3D. Xv also works.
> > Can someone clarify why? Also how do I kill this extension (I don't
> > think that ever came out- correct me if I'm wrong)?
> The upcoming server 1.6.0 has this extension. As soon as that is rolled
> out, the messages should disappear, I think.
> You yould try to roll-back the Xext library...
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/usr/ports/UPDATING is already updated about this message and to say just
ignore it
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