+++ Willie Viljoen [26-02-03 21:31 +0200]:
| On Wednesday 26 February 2003 19:42, someone, possibly Michael Sharp, typed:
| > I understand ALL IDE CD-RWs are supported under FreeBSD, but has anyone
| > actually used a CD-RW by LiteON ( http://liteonit.com ) and had sucess
| > with it under burncd?
| In addition to working with burncd, you can also get this drive to work with 
| cdrtools if you want by making it appear to be a SCSI device. You will need 
| a 4.7-RELEASE or newer system (check the Handbook for upgrading 
| instructions) and you will need to recompile your kernel with atleast:
| device        ata
| device        atapicd
| device        atapicam
| device        scbus
| device        pass
| device        cd
| Some IDE CD-R/RW devices will only work this way... those that do not 
| implement the standards that SS adheres strictly to in the burncd code. 
| However, this drive, according to numerous posts, will work fine, and does 
| implement those standards (which is rather impressive)
| The advantage to using it with ATAPICAM rather than burncd is that you will 
| also be able to use the other tools from the cdrtools package, cdrecord, 
| cdda2wav, etc, and the numerous front ends that have been designed for 
| them.
| Will
| - -- 
| ------------------------------

I tried to compile the kernel with above options. But for
device  atapicam
it says
Warning: device "atapicam" is unknown
also tried ATAPICAM

> uname -rs


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