On Thursday 27 February 2003 7:59, someone, possibly Shantanu Mahajan, 
> I tried to compile the kernel with above options. But for
> device        atapicam
> it says
> Warning: device "atapicam" is unknown
> also tried ATAPICAM
> > uname -rs

The ATAPICAM code was not merged by the time 4.7-RELEASE was frozen. It was 
only introduced shortly afterward during early post-release development of 
4.7-STABLE on 1 November 2002.

In order to get it on your system, you will need to follow upgrade 
instructions in Chapter 21, The Cutting Edge, of the Handbook, available 
online at 
or on your local system (if you have installed the doc distribution) in 
/usr/share/doc/handbook/cutting-edge.html. The Handbook has also been 
translated into many languages, if you prefer, a version in your native 
language should also be available on-line and on your local system.

You may also with to patch your present system with the historical ATAPICAM 
patches available from http://www.cuivre.fr.eu.org/~thomas/atapicam/. This 
will still require a rebuild though, and upgraing is highly recommended.


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