Hi, All.

I have a SATA-II disk, which split for 4 primary partitions, eg:
1. NTFS  (Active) / ntldr
2. BSD (/var, /usr)
3. BSD (/, swap)
* partitions showed as 'how it's phisicaly placed on drive'

Used bootpart I have create 'freebsd.bin' and try to loadup it into
ntldr, boot.ini

eg: bootpart 2 LBA freebsd.bin

Freebsd loader shows two error messages about 'Invalid Partition' and
prompt me
boot: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/kernel/kernel

Then I 'by hands' try: 0:ad(4,3,a)/boot/loader, Free BSD has normal
start loader, menus, kernel, etc... works!

I try write this line in /boot.config, but have no any result...
eg: echo "0:ad(4,3,a)/boot/loader" >/boot.config

Help me please, how I can get autoboot from slice 3, unit 4 ?

PS: sorry for my english.
With all regards, Victor M. Blood.     mailto: free...@masm.elcom.ru
FTN: 2:5024/1...@fidonet.org, ICQ#3567656

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