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On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 09:31:56AM -0500, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a newsletter application , preferably where I can just
> have an ordinary user login via a webpage , upload a file/message/ and
> send?
> I was playing with mailman , but that seems to be a list serve app.

I've been using phplist for a couple of years on a client's site.  It has
click stats, a decent web interface, relatively easy to get up and running,
and the performance is pretty good.

It is a little top-heavy, though, since it requires apache/php/mysql.
However, after enabling mysql query caching and adding eaccelerator into
the mix, it runs fairly well.  My last send clocked in at 47k messages per
hour on a 2.8GHz dual-core Pentium-D, using postfix as the local MTA.

I like the fact that it will automatically prune the list membership after
a user-configurable number of bounces.  Filter the bounce catcher account,
though, as spam will make your DB grow to insane sizes and bog it down.

It's not the best package in the world, but it's the only comperable
open source package that I know of.  I hope to hear of alternatives in
this thread.
Well the server I plan to run it a VPS server, so I REALLY DON'T know what
the specs are on the box- and since it's not dedicated I have no clue what
else or what other sites are on it- I do know it has exim installed which I
am very familiar with and actually use- I know it has MySql on it as well it
a red hat 9 os if im not mistaken and I've never used apache or php, what's
the learning curve like to get that running?

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