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> Well the server I plan to run it a VPS server, so I REALLY DON'T know what
> the specs are on the box- and since it's not dedicated I have no clue what
> else or what other sites are on it- I do know it has exim installed which I
> am very familiar with and actually use- I know it has MySql on it as well it
> a red hat 9 os if im not mistaken and I've never used apache or php, what's
> the learning curve like to get that running?

The learning curve?  That entirely depends on how comfortble you are with
configuring applications on Unix/Linux servers in general.  If you've never
set up a web server, then it will take you some time to get things nailed
down correctly.  If you merely have not installed Apache before, as opposed
to another web server, then it should not be difficult.

All I can say is start from the bottom, and work your way up.  Learn to
configure mysql, next install and set up Apache, then get PHP installed.
Last, read up on the rquirements for phplist, install the required PHP
modules, and then finally phplist itself.

The first time I set up phplist, I had a working setup in a couple of
hours, which I then took a few days to test thoroughly.  However, I did
have several years of of apache/mysql/php setup and usage experience before

All I can suggest is to jump in and start learning.  All of these open
source packages have great online docs, tutorials, and support communities
to get you going.

Good luck with whatever you end up using.

-- Geoff
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