Ideally, stats,  subscribe, unsubscribe, and let the person in charge have
the ability to  be able to select the recipients for a particular letter
based on a field or combination of two fields. i.e.  send to all contacts
that are "doctors"  or send to all contacts that are "doctors" and are in the
"HIV" prevention program- upload lists can be csv txt excel  doesnt really

GUI would be great for managing contacts because if the the contacts address
changes i want the user to be able to login and change his address or phone

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>Can anyone recommend a newsletter application , preferably where I can just
>have an ordinary user login via a webpage , upload a file/message/ and click

What are the requirements/characteristics of the "newsletter app" 
you're looking for? Does it need to have stats/campaign tracking? Is 
a web interface required, or can the user simply format and send his 
e-mail message via e-mail to the server? Does it need to provide the 
ability for users to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves? How will 
the newsletter owner upload his list? What format will (should?) the 
list be in when he uploads it? How large will the lists be? If they 
are small enough, then most mail clients should be able to provide 
the basic functionality of sending a newsletter to a list.

>I was playing with mailman , but that seems to be a list serve app.

The proper term is "list server," so as not to confuse with 
"Listserv," which is a copyrighted product (developed by Eric Thomas 
and L-Soft).

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