OK. Xine works (plays, etc), I can connect with xine-remote (from
another m/c) and identify. However, if I send the 'mrl play <content
here>' xine crashes and I get the following error:

cannot read request from client (0/2112/Resource temporarily
could not handle external client request
xiTK received SIGSEGV signal, RIP.
Abort trap: 6 (core dumped)

I decided to go straight to the source and sent a post to the xine-user
list, but there really is very little activity on that list (I joined up
36 hrs ago and there has been 1 post besides mine there, and no
replies). Ergo, I came to the conclusion that I should try here as the
problem also seems localized to FreeBSD (Fedora works fine).

I'm wondering if this could be a security feature or a bug in
FreeBSD/Xine preventing external commands being processed?

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