Adam Vande More wrote:
Dan Nelson wrote:
I had actually tried that too:

 > sed -e '5i\
? test' text.txt
sed: 1: "5i
": command i expects \ followed by text

I don't see a backslash in the error message, which means something ate it. Are you running this command from something other than the commandline or a
plain sh script?  If you're calling this from another scripting language
(via system() or popen() or something similar), you probably have to double
the backslash so whatever's parsing it out passes one through to sed.
This is being executed from stock tcsh

Progress is being made as it works in the test now with the \\ however I'm running into more things I don't understand in regards to what I need to escape in my input string.

> sed -e '5i\\
include(\'/usr/home/www/imp-sites/default_inventory.php\');' test.txt
Unmatched '.

I also tried escaping ( ) . / to no avail.
nevermind I see I have to \\ that as well. Okay now I'm going to try to find a way to do this with find and xargs
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