> Hi,
> I decided last night to try and install KDE4. I left it compiling to go to  
> bed. When I got up, I saw that it had his this snag:
> checking for vasprintf... yes
> checking for gsapi_new_instance in -lgs... no
> configure: error: You need libgs in order to compile libspectre
> I can't find a port that installs libgs. At least, I did these two things:
> make search name=libgs
> make search name=ghostscript

I did `make search name="libspectre"' which is where your build failed.  I see 
afew dependencies on ghostscript and gsfonts.  Either try building libspectre 
directly (/usr/ports/print/libspectre) or the ghostscript/gsfonts dependencies 

Glen Barber
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