Hi list,

I was doing some searching on the FreeBSD FTP server where the ports are installed, and I noticed AIM was available. I use AIM and so I did this:

pkg_add -r aim

It downloaded the package, finished up, and it was done.

Here is the thing; I can't run it. When I type aim from a terminal, or basic Xterm, it says it can't be found. If I try running it from a "run" dialog it won't run from there either.

am I doing something incredibly stupid? I know it downloaded the package and installed it, so it should work fine. I downloaded it on another machine just to test if it worked on there, both running FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE, and again, it just doesn't run. It's odd really. And if I load up a bash, to do command completion like this:

bash [Enter}
a[TAB][TAB] (Display all?) [y]
It doesn't show aim there either. I know that last part is a little bit dumb, but I figured it would at least let me check if it was there.

any ideas? Anyone using AIM that got it to work?

Thanks much,

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