Omer Faruk Sen wrote:

I want to ask if anyone here in this list has any experience with
10gbE on FreeBSD? My questions:

1) Which 10gbE to use? I see that intel has a good support for 10gbE
on FreeBSD with its own driver for FreeBSD:

But also I am open to other brands. Especially If anyone has
experience on that this matter would be very very helpful. I have seen
that Sun has quad 10gbE adapters:
 I am not sure if FreeBSD supports that?

2) Do you suggest fiber or copper?

3) Which bus option to use ? As far as I see intel has both (Pci
Express and PCI-X not sure if their PCI Express cards are PCI Express
2.0 for pcie2 shows
significant performance boost)

4) Especially since I am new to 10gbE I also request if someone can
suggest me 10gbE switch. There are lots switches but not sure. One of
my colleague told me that enterasys is good ad 10gbE but not sure.


This was useful to find something to be used at work -- the fact that every device has a speed in terms of MHz, and a bandwidth, in terms of Mbit to use. You can buy a 10gbE device, but if the bus does NOT support 10gbE, buying the device is pretty pointless.... you'll never reach 10gbE

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