Albert Shih wrote:
Hi all

I've two servers (in fact guest in vmware) on don't have enought disk space
to make buildkernel (or world).

For the world freebsd-update can work. But for the kernel I've my own

So if I compile the kernel on the other server how can I put it on the
first ?


With an NFS mount, with sneakernet, or scp.
On the machine with enough disk space:
make buildkernel installkernel DESTDIR=/nfsmount KERNCONF=otherkernel #hackish and i'd be worried of this. It will force a backup of the running kernel to the remote /boot/kernel.old

I'd recommend:
        make buildkernel installkernel DESTDIR=/tmp KERNCONF=otherkernel
        tar -czf /tmp/otherkernel.tgz /tmp/boot/kernel
# bring the otherkernel.tgz file to the machine, maybe by usb stick, and extract. don't forget to tar -xz*p*f (permissions)

How thin on disk space are you?
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