Tim Judd wrote:
Yavuz wrote:
I have freebsd7 (amd64 bit)  and sata2 disk 7200 rpm.

it's running mail server which has services like pop3,imap,smtp and webmail on this machine.

When I type systat 1 -vmstat on command line, even I rarely see that disk usage hits 100%.
I have no problem as ram and cpu.  they is enough.

is there any way to increase disk performance without causing any problem ?

So in one second, the disk hits 100% utilization, weather it's reading or writing data to disk. You said above that "I rarely see" -- so even though, as a server, you're running slow spindles, you are doing pretty good.

I've no real experience with a site that's (for example) been slashdotted, to test what is tolerable, and what's not. But as I currently guess, an OVERALL average between 25% to 33% is about as much as I would ever tax a server for CONSISTENT averages.

So if you're seeing it rarely, such as when somebody hits webmail and takes 1 second of constant disk read to serve the content, I'd be happy there...

I don't think you have a problem, when you put your concern into the broader scope of 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. It'll be very difficult to never see 100% in 1 second no matter how powerful the machine is.

Make sure you understand that gstat's "%busy" column does not tell you how close to capacity your disk is, it tells you what % of time it is handling I/O. Since modern drives can have many commands queued at any given time, those are not the same thing.

To understand whether your disk is overloaded, look at the ms/r and ms/w times.


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