2009/2/7 Wojciech Puchar <woj...@wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl>

> But also I am open to other brands. Especially If anyone has
>> experience on that this matter would be very very helpful. I have seen
>> that Sun has quad 10gbE adapters:
>> http://www.sun.com/products/networking/ethernet/10gigethernet/index.xml
>> I am not sure if FreeBSD supports that?
> could you please explain ANY CASE when 4*10GbE/s could be utilized.
> it's 5 GIGABYTES/s each direction. computer memory subsystem is rarely
> faster
To be fair, the adaptor on the link is a dual port device (I looked with
interest!), and Sun states the maximum is 16Gb/s aggregrate.

A machine that is multi homed on 10G networks could use all ports. It
doesn't mean it has to do 10G of traffic all the time.
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