Rem P Roberti <> writes:

> I have installed gtkpod for use with my Nano, but I'm having a problem
> when trying to add files.  The Nano is mounted at /mnt/ipod, and when I
> try to add a file I get a message similar to this:
> Transfer of 'Petite Fleur' failed. Error opening
> '/mnt/ipod/iPod_Control/Music/F00/gtkpod795096.mp3' for writing
> (Permission denied).
> The file, in this case Petite Fleur, shows up in gtkpod, but it can't be
> written to the Nano.  This obviously looks like a permissions problem,
> but I can't figure out its cause.  

Look at the permissions on that file, and the directory containing it,
and the mount point.  I'm sure at least one of them isn't sufficiently
permitted to the user running gtkpod.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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