Michael P. Soulier wrote:
On 08/02/09 Glen Barber said:

Have you tried manually `make deinstall; make install'?

Yes, and the make install pulled in dependencies on other perl modules that
resulted in the same error message that _they_ had to be reinstalled.
Following those dependencies resulted in the same, and so on...

I have no hair left to pull out, or it would be gone.

I'd wager that 'pkg_info -l p5-Module-Giving-You-Trouble' says everything
is installed under ${LOCALBASE}/lib/perl5/site-perl/5.8.8 but that if you
run 'perl -v' the number 5.8.9 is prominently displayed.

Please read the UPDATING entry for 20090113, strike yourself upon the
forehead whilst crying "D'oh!" in a loud voice and then run
'perl-after-upgrade -f' as instructed.



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