On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 01:46:46PM +0100, Pieter Donche wrote:
> If one installs CUPS as the printing system, one must use the
> /usr/local/bin versions of lp, lpr, lpq and lprm instead of the
> FreeBSD versions in /usr/bin, otherwise you get errors when using
> the command line interface...
> I could rename /usr/bin/lp, lpr, lpq, lprm to e.g. lp.origfreebsd, etc..
> forcing the use of the /usr/local/bin versions
> but this would oblige me to do that again after every FreeSBD upgrade.
> Or I could put /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin in the path.
> Two questions:
> - is this a save thing to do (won't other things go wrong then?)
> - if OK to do that, where can I change the path for every user, whatever
>   shell (csh, sh, bash, tcsh, rbash) he uses?


Having installed CUPS only recently here's what helped me:


Make sure cups is fired up upon boot:

Make sure System lpr doesn't get built/installed when you build a new


Replace system lpr-things with a link to the CUPS equivalents:
cd /usr/bin
for i in lp* ; do mv $i $i.freebsd-original ; ln -s /usr/local/bin/$i $i ; done

Hope this helps,

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