On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 8:45 PM, Steve Bertrand <st...@ibctech.ca> wrote:

> michael copeland wrote:
> > on a side note, i can't believe this has kept going
> Either can I. It's a flame-war, and I became part of it (tsk).
> I just so want this list to be a good place for newcomers as I once was,
> that I'd rather try to keep the list clean, and very much dislike it
> when someone tries to challenge the integrity of a very well respected,
> long term member of the list.
> This thread is done for me now. Bring back on the IPv6 questions....
> Steve
sure thing buddy.
why does ipv6 irritate the hell out of me? :-D
i guess its the really odd jump of having to remember the address schematic.
an on top of that, i breaks my software so bad that we're dropping some code
that has worked for 20 years. but hey, its an improvement right?


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