On Tue, 2009-02-10 at 18:50 -0800, prad wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 18:31:42 -0800
> Chris Knight <boh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > By sending an
> > email to this list, your request was not only sent to thousands if
> > individuals, but it was displayed on the pages of countless websites
> > where the content of this mailing list is redisplayed for public
> > access.  Those pages will also be indexed by Google over time, raising
> > the Google-Awareness of your name to even higher levels. 
> >
> i find this to be a good response. 
> i hadn't thought of the 'chain-reaction' effects of posting to a list
> which is well explained in the above. 
> i was also surprised to see that his name comes up at the top of a
> google search (already!!) though it doesn't show up at all in my clusty
> or yahoo or excite search at all. anyone know why? possibly, google does
> things much faster??
> > It would not
> > be absolutely impossible to reverse this process
> >
> this is an interesting thing to think about actually. some people try
> very hard to get high rankings on google, but fail miserably. i looked
> into websearch optimization some time ago and recall that you can do
> 'naughty' things like provide an excessive number of irrelevant keywords
> and get penalized - not sure if something like that could be applied
> here.

Lists and their webpost (nabble and whatever) counterparts will ensure
that the particular phrase, name, whatever gets stored in the google
webcrawler from many different areas which raises awareness of the
phrase, ergo top of the list in searching.

Its not how many times a phrase appears, its how many links relating to
the phrase there are. Thats why its hard work- you need to get others to
link to your site and the keyword. Thats what google sell in the google
ads system: links on other (related) sites.

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