On Tuesday 10 February 2009 07:58:31 Ivan Voras wrote:
> Valentin Bud wrote:
> > I noticed that it is already at 1GB. Now my problem is how can i avoid
> > this in the future because
> > on that production server mysql is crucial or in case it happens how ca I
> > be the first to know
> > of that problem?


> Another thing is that mysql shouldn't take infinite amounts of memory to
> work. You need to configure entries in my.cnf to match your limits and
> maxdsiz (in steady state + estimated spikes).

More specifically:

Use -e"SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Max_used_connections'" to get an indication of the 
number of connections you're seeing. Calculate your memory usage with that 
value, then see if it goes above memory limits.
Then try adjusting the key_buffer_size since it's globally allocated.

Note that this requires tuning. A lower key_buffer_size can mean that queries 
take longer, which in turn will increase your memory usage.

Things are more complicated with InnoDb.


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