On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 08:49:51PM +1000, Da Rock wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 20:32 +1000, Warren Liddell wrote:
> > AMD64 4gig RAM FreeBSD 7.1 KDE 4.2
> > 
> > I've noticed of late when i have had the misfortune of rebooting this 
> > machine due to severre storms and blackouts, when it boots everything 
> > loads fine, xdm initates an i get the standard logon screen, however, 
> > you cant do anything an the mouse dosent work.  To solve this issue i go 
> > to console via CTRL + ALT + F1 kill tthe XDM pid an once it comes back 
> > up, everything is perfectly fine.
> > 
> > Anyone else had this odd occurance ?
> Sounds like hald is starting after ttys is initiated. There's another
> thread here mentioning that- never read the answer though. Maybe start
> hald at the beginning of your rc.conf? Or set a sleep on your tty entry
> for x?

I think there is a lack of understanding here of how exactly hal, dbus and
xorg are interrelated. There are some pages on freebsd.org, but at least
for me these didn't make it any clearer. The man pages aren't helpful
either. They tell you how to do things, but there is not much on why.
I'd like to have a better idea of

0. how do hal, dbus, xorg-server, xdm and clients interoperate?

1. why do I need hal and dbus?

2. where do I need to run hal and dbus daemons, on the X server side, on
the clients side, or on both? In my case these are different systems,
I rely on XDMCP).

3. what happens if hal support is not built into xorg-server?

4. why is the issue of auto keyboard and mouse detection still not
clear, contrary to the statement in ports/UPDATE?

Cleary something changes from 7.3 to 7.4 that gives all sorts of troubles
to many people on different systems.

If these questions have been answered already please point me to a link.


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