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        well, people, i really screwed up my primary computer (running 7.0)
        thru have both kde3 and kde4 installed.  i tried unsuccessfully to 
clean out
        kde4 -- which i tried months ago.  but parts got messed up with other
        version-4 apps like qt4-*.  i'm rebuilding "tao" with portmanager -i -p 
        which, according to my howto notes, will fix broken dependencies.  is 
        analogue mix of flags for portupgrade that i can cron (say) every week?
        or is there a better means of keeping current...?

        i'm deciding to switch over to ubuntu for my desktop next summer  when 
        build a NEW (no mo' cheaping out),  GREEN, fast desktop.  then i'll swap
        over my Dell for my server.  DNS, mail, web, and FBSD 7.2  [or 
        can't beat FBSD for stability.  until then i'd like the best means of
        keeping things current.  as auto-magically as possible with FBSD here.



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