2009/2/11 Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_li...@tx.rr.com>:
> --On Wednesday, February 11, 2009 12:38:33 -0600 Keith Palmer
> <ke...@academickeys.com> wrote:
>> ... really? Write a script to copy the user's files over on a schedule...?
>> I can see where that might be an option for some people, but that's
>> entirely not an option in this case. I'd have to schedule it to run every
>> 5 seconds or something to keep users from getting upset.
>> What if I symlinked each home user's public_html directory to a directory
>> readable only by Apache? Would Apache be able to read the destination
>> directory via the symlink, even if it doesn't have permission to access
>> the destination directory?
> Why can't you chgroup and setgid the homedirs to www?  (Or whatever account
> the web server is running under.)  You really have two requirements:
> 1) Users can't see other users' files
> 2) The web server can read all users' web files
> So you chmod the homedirs to 750/640, and chgroup the dirs and files to www,
> then set the sticky bit for the group, and you're done.  Seems to me that's
> the simplest way to go about it.  Setting the sticky bit ensures that any
> new files created by a user will have www as the group.

Sticky doesn't... it's sgid you want.

Sticky means that only the creator (owner) can use unlink on the file.


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