On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 08:36 -0500, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Da Rock wrote:
> >>> I had similar issues a while back (pre 7.1) in which sometimes 're'
> >>> devices didn't start up at the proper speed/duplex. Every once in a
> >>> while, it would show up at 10 or 100 half, when it should have been auto
> >>> set at full 100 or 1000. If I forced proper speed/duplex, other outside
> >>> programs began to work properly.
> >>>
> >>> However, I haven't witnessed those issues since 7.1
> >> I didn't know about that, but given the problems I'm having I'm starting
> >> to wonder if they could be a root cause of the problem here.
> > 
> > I think I'm starting to get a clearer picture here: based on my
> > observation on a test system tap0 appears to go down as soon as a
> > program connects to it and uses it. Ergo, IF this is the case then that
> > solves the second part of my problem. So could this be a composite issue
> > from this and a hidden issue with my re0 device (driver or whatever)?
> It very well could be.
> Can you swap in a card under a different driver temporarily to see if
> the problem goes away?

Unfortunately not in this case- its a low profile requirement which
don't have a replacement for. At least until I can get to the point
where I go through the same process for another m/c with similar
hardware. But I'm also kinda waiting to see how well this one works
before I move on...

>From another post on the list it seems rc has no concept of sequential
processing, so that seems to present a real problem for anyone
attempting to bridge at boot.

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