In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Antoine Jacoutot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> I has been almost a month now that I have been trying to make my printer work 
> under FreeBSD. 
> I am now seeking for a direct help, I am totally confused. 
> Basically, everything always worked perfectly, but the quality is not here. 
> Is there anyone on the list who uses apsfilter+hpijs to print to a Hp Deskjet 
> printer ? 

I'm using magicfilter+stp to print to an hp desktjet with good results.

> I so don't want to have to buy another printer to print high quality pictures. 

You don't have to convert to magicfilter (though it's much nicer than
apsfilter, but harder to install), but trying the stp driver instead
of hpijs may be worthwhile.

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