gahn wrote:
> Thanks Steve:
> We use fec0::... as global unique IPv6 address in the lab environment. the 
> IPv6 routers in our lab uses fec0:0:5::/64 with eui-64 addressing scheme (for 
> testing).
>>From the host "lab" (freebsd) machine, it clearly sees two link-local 
>>addresses for two IPv6 routers via RA messages. the IP routers also sent But 
>>why not the host "lab" configure itself with global unique address with 
>>prefix fec0:0:5:0::/64 (provided by the routers)?
> What shall I do to accomplish this on FreeBSD?

Well, I got this working with no issues. The router I used is an old
Cisco 2651XM, and my box is FreeBSD 7.1. I even went as far to use space
out of fec0::/10.

Were you able to get a full pcap to ensure your "global" prefix is
within the RA messages?

If the global accept_rtadv is set to 1, and the interface is also told
to accept the advertisements, then I can't explain why this is not
working for you, other than a firewall on the host blocking inbound ICMP
(which is very bad for IPv6, for this reason, and due to the havoc
breaking PMTUd can cause).

Remember that tcpdump will capture the RA's on the wire before they are
dropped by any packet filter.

Can you ping6 the lab host from the router, using its link-local address?

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