On Thursday 27 February 2003 17:52, Mike Meyer wrote:
> I know. The handbook walks you through the easiest
> install. Magicfilter is a much less cpu-intensive solution, and
> includs the ability to print things you can't print with apsfilter.

Allright, I'll have a look at it...

> The stp driver is part of the ghostscript port. You'll have to
> reinstall the ghostscript port, and select that driver on the driver
> selection setup.

OK, this is not a problem, this is all I'm doing since last month.

> Others - or maybe it was you - have reported this problem. I may take
> a look at the hpijs port if I have time later today.

I did report it once on the list but got no answer, that's why I was looking 
for someone who has a similar setup than me.

Thank you for this information.


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