Nikolaj Thygesen wrote:
Hi list,

I've been experimenting and googling for hours w/ no luck. All I want to do is run dhcp and then replace the ip address of the interface with a new static ip afterwards. I've been looking at the /etc/dhclient.conf man pages, but they don't seem to help. I can do it from rc.conf like:


but then I loose all the other dhcp parameters like dns and stuff. Is it really that hard???

   thanks - Nikolaj

Your rc.conf line is incomplete.

Even if that line was complete, your route would be missing

Your /etc/resolv.conf gets rewritten by dhclient every time it renews the IP.

Given your rc.conf statement is incomplete, is why you lose 100% connectivity.

Basic networking on a LAN (meaning: NO INTERNET) is IP address and subnet
basic networking ON the internet needs a router in addition to the above
full internet working needs DNS server in addition to the above.

You don't even hit the Basic w/out Internet.

Please either give details from rc.conf, or read it's manpage so we can point you to the manpage again.

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