Darryl Hoar wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have a question regarding Wordpress and Wordpress-mu ports.   I want to
> install wordpress 
> on my personal webserver (apache2, mysql, etc).   I have several virtual
> hosts all with 
> legitimate individual domain names.  IE, www.mydomain.com,
> www.anotherdomain.com, 
> www.yetanotherdomain.com.   Do I need to install Wordpress or Wordpress-mu
> on my server ?
> The server has a clean install of Freebsd7 on it.
> I googled for my answer, but the comparisons between the two did not make it
> clear.
> Thanks for any guidance,
> -Darryl 

The wordpress-mu (Multi User) listens only to one domain name (like
*.domain.com) and allows for users to create their own blog.

If however you want to be in control, you need the wordpress version (on
or more times, depending on your needs).

Both my daughters have their own wordpress installation (not from ports
btw - I update them manually via svn).


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