Darryl Hoar wrote:
I have a question regarding Wordpress and Wordpress-mu ports.   I want to
install wordpress on my personal webserver (apache2, mysql, etc). I have several virtual hosts all with legitimate individual domain names. IE, www.mydomain.com, www.anotherdomain.com, www.yetanotherdomain.com. Do I need to install Wordpress or Wordpress-mu
on my server ?

The server has a clean install of Freebsd7 on it.

I googled for my answer, but the comparisons between the two did not make it

Thanks for any guidance,

The other two respones suggesting referral and sessions are correct as well as the warnings on each. Referrals are notoriously inaccurate and adding in sessions/cookie support retroactively can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Depends on how important it is to you, but I think most people are satisfied with the vistors metric offered by a package like Webalizer or google analytics, although they also have shortcomings. If you only need a ballpark figure, I'd go about it that way.
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