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i need greek letters for math work.


any suggestions?

I'm not sure if this helps you, but I've seen a font on an
ancient "Windows" 3.11 installation that included all greek
letters (uppercase and lowercase), but without special
punctuation (which is not needed for math purposes, I think).
Was the font named "Symbol"? I can't remember, it's long time

But maybe you can check and find a TTF file that can be
imported to X and / or the application you use?

I think using "sprites" of the letters instead of a font is
not a good idea...

x11-fonts/gentium for one has a good set of Greek characters within the
font.  Many other freely available TTF fonts do likewise.

I notice the OP is using inkscape -- I can't see an easy way of inputting
Greek characters from the keyboard with that app, and there isn't a handy
character chooser like there is in openoffice.

However Gentium does come with some handy proof sheets of all of the Greek
and Roman glyphs provided by the font in:


You can cut'n'paste from there.



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