/usr/ports/UPDATING recently recommended to upgrade kde-4.1.0 to kde-4-2.0.

So I deleted kde-4.1.0 only to find out that there are no binaries for both kde-4.1.0 and kde-4.2.0. So I had to build kde-4.2.0 for many hours, again, only to find out that it doesn't work as well as kde-4.1.0.

"Desktop Folder" applet doesn't show anything for ke-4.1.0. Applets show contents of other folders but there are no scrollbars in them. Also bottom panel doesn't have any colors and looks ugly.

So now I a stuck with broken kde-4.2.0 and there is no easy way to go anywhere.

I sent similar question to k...@freebsd.org but got no answer.

So why kde-4.1.0 and kde-4.2.0 binaries are missing on FTP?
And does kde4-4.2.0 work for anybody?


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