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> > > line via mixer.  After a while I installed gmixer because having a
> > > graphical interface made things go a lot quicker.  But I discovered that
> > > every time I invoked gmixer it reset the vol to 0:0.  It continues to do
> > > that, and I'm wondering if anyone else has that experience with gmixer. 
> > > Could that be a bug?  Are there other graphical mixer alternatives?
> > 
> > You could install the gkrellm and gkrellmvolume2 ports; then you'll always
> > have a slider for each mixer channel available.
> I may give that a try.  It does help, in this case, to have a graphical
> interface.  It's pretty difficult to get things adjusted properly while
> switching back and forth between fldigi and the command line.

An "old fashioned" alternative is xmixer (or xmix?) which may
have less dependencies than other programs.

An idea for gmixer: Eventually there's an option for "preset
values", or a kind of configuration file which is read right
after program startup, and if such a file doesn't exists,
zero values are assumed.

Another mixer GUI worth mentioning is aumix / xaumix (Gtk)
which features both a graphical and a text mode GUI for
adjusting levels. Because I've used this program in the past,
I can tell you that it's not resetting all the values.

Good luck es vy 73 de D. :-)

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