I export a few samba shares from a FreeBSD amd64 server and I've been editing text files on one of the shares via a Windows box.

This /usually/ works fine, but occasionally I'll get a pause of several seconds when I save back a modified file. No errors are generated on the server, but it causes the smbd process takes a few % of available cpu time, according to top.

Could this be due to the infamous seekdir/seekdir issue between samba and FreeBSD? Some of the directories do contain hundreds of files. This post suggests it has been fixed though: http://www.vnode.ch/fixing_seekdir

The server is running -STABLE ('FREEBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE'), as built on 2008/09/08. The file system is zfs. I'm using samba 3.0.34,1, built from ports.

Any ideas, anyone?


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