On Feb 17, 2009, at 10:36 AM, Dixit, Viraj wrote:
Got you name from the mailing list, looks like you have good knowledge
of BSD, can you tell me how to fix my kernel issue. I had built Free BSD
7.0 system that worked fine for four days then I had to move my system
to another place and the system halts at "can't find kernel" message. Do I have to rebuild the whole system, I have checked the loader.conf file,
all looks fine. Thanks, Shaan

I'm happy to help out people on the mailing lists, at least when I have time, but I'm less happy with the notion of people deciding ab initio to mail me random tech support questions.

The normal way to resolve this would be to check whether the disk(s) have been moved, whether some other system was installed which changed the active partition, or something changed in the BIOS which would change the order of device enumeration and cause loader to not find the boot volume. It's generally pretty easy to fix from the loader prompt by doing an "ls" or "lsdev" (I forget exactly), or by running the sysinstall util from a boot CD and re-writing the boot loader, assuming that it can see the existing FreeBSD partitions on the disk. It might be worth running fsck from a boot CD/rescue CD on the filesystems on the hard drive, and then mounting them on /mnt one by one and making sure they are sane....


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