On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 5:56 PM, Jonathan Belson <j...@witchspace.com> wrote:

> Hiya
> I export a few samba shares from a FreeBSD amd64 server and I've been
> editing text files on one of the shares via a Windows box.
> This /usually/ works fine, but occasionally I'll get a pause of several
> seconds when I save back a modified file.  No errors are generated on the
> server, but it causes the smbd process takes a few % of available cpu time,
> according to top.
> The server is running -STABLE ('FREEBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE'), as built on
> 2008/09/08.  The file system is zfs.  I'm using samba 3.0.34,1, built from
> ports.

Try net/samba32 instead. there were reports, that it works much better with
ZFS storage.

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