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> This is weird, though. New theories (where are Chase, Cameron and Foreman 
> when 
> you need them!):

Spying around in someone else's house. :-)

> fstat is lying, instead use:
> fstat -f /usr -m -v

Well, I've taken that pill. This is the result:

        # /root/bin/fstat -m -v -f /usr
        USER     CMD          PID   FD MOUNT      INUM MODE         SZ|DV R/W
        # _

It shows NOTHING. I have made a copy of fstat binary in /root/bin,
which is possible because all needed libs are in /.

Furthermore, I've carefully studied the output of "ps ax" and even
of "top -t", but as well, nothing that indicates some activity on

> You have a mount on top of /usr, ie.: /usr/local or /usr/ports.

No. From /etc/fstab:

        # Device        Mountpoint              FStype  Options         Dump    
        # -----------   ---------------------   ------  -------------   -----   
        /dev/ad0s1b     none                    swap    sw              0       0
        /dev/ad0s1a     /                       ufs     rw              1       
        /dev/ad0s1d     /tmp                    ufs     rw              2       
        /dev/ad0s1e     /var                    ufs     rw              2       
        /dev/ad0s1f     /usr                    ufs     rw              2       
        /dev/ad0s1g     /export/home            ufs     rw              2       

These are the only partitions on ad0. /usr has its own partition,
nothing mounted "on top" of it. (You mentioned a valid point: I
sometimes have another disk mounted inside /export/home, and I
cannot umount /export/home while this partition is mounted. But
that's not the case here.)

This is REALLY strange, I should get a whiteboard, some pens and
start making a drawing of the symptoms, until Dr. Cuddy tells me
not to do so. :-)

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